Welcoming you Monday through Friday! Welcoming you Monday through Friday!


About Neighbourly

Neighbourly is our revival of the general store. It is convenience curated for you. In our pantry, kitchen, café and gift shop, you'll find the quality goods and food that our city is now known for, all under one roof. Local first whenever possible and sustainable always, Neighbourly is a fresh take on what we love and miss about the neighbourhood corner store.  


Why Neighbourly, Why Now  

KWENCH originated out of a desire to help remove busyness from our lives and create meaningful convenience. It’s never been about packing more into a day, KWENCH is about creating easier pathways through the day because we know ease contributes to greater overall happiness. And happiness is Queen, in our opinion.


Part of living a happy life is having deep connections with our community. Our relationships are the litmus test: if they’re healthy, what we’re doing is working. If there’s a gap or a lack, we help bridge it. Neighbourly is our newest project, an answer to a call from our community. Imagine the general store from Anne of Green Gables without the puffed sleeves and barrels of nails, or the Rose Apothecary minus David’s artful glare from behind the till. A store that knows its neighbourhood, a place where there is something for everyone. Cheers without the beers.


There was no better way to walk our talk than to build a space that supports other businesses who share the same values of contribution and collaboration over competition, ecological, financial and social sustainability over maximum short-term returns, and an Everyone Welcome Here ethos. The people of our own extended neighbourhood create and do incredible things with their days every day. Neighbourly is for them.